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Hi, my name is Lieveke Volcke. My whole life long I am committed to human, animals and the planet Earth herself. As a 14 year old I was leader of the youth movement where I took care of the little ones of six to eight years. As a 19 year old I went for kindergarten teacher study and then I practiced the profession for six years.

I am a mother of three fantastic, in the meantime, adult children, stepmother and especially girlfriend of two sweet women and grandmother of two beautiful granddaughters and a grandson. All of my life I dreamed  that I will be there for children and animals who need help. I want to be there in one way or another and this completely free of charge, so that everyone can make use of it.

I studied for therapist and this is also one of the things I am doing now. For more than eight year  I give courses to people who continue my work here in Belgium. Is is three years that we live in Anzegem, the Flemish Ardennes, on a very special farm. We have several animals, including two horses. One horse we got for free from a grateful customer. We also have four Shetland ponies, two males and two females. We have four dogs and thirteen cats. At our farm we also have a small forest that we want to change into a fairytale forest for the kids. I want to thank you in advance, dear people, for all you want to do to let this project be a success. Together we are strong!


Blessed be,

Lieveke Volcke

Angeltherapist and Priestess of Avalon &Rhiannon